Western Australia

Glen James, Western Australian State Manager
Glen James
Western Australian State Manager
Working with those who share our values, we navigate complexity and strengthen our local communities.

Over the last 12 months we have found a great rhythm as the consumers and staff from the former June O’Connor services became full and vital contributors to Neami in Western Australia. During this time we have continued to focus on delivering services to people with serious and complex mental illness, while broadening our range of services.

Consumers have been part of shaping our services to ensure we deliver a great consumer experience. Working with consumers has also enabled us to design new approaches to meeting the needs of local communities. We worked with Community Housing Limited (CHL) to invest in literature reviews. We also consulted and co-designed activities with returned veterans in WA to understand their unique needs, concerns, strengths and assets. With an under-reported need, we knew talking with veterans was key in designing a responsive service to support them. While still in development, our partnership with CHL has led to an ongoing interest in providing sustainable solutions to target populations.

Our Perth Metropolitan Suicide Prevention Coordinator program continued to be busy, working with community organisations and service providers to strengthen the local capacity to prevent suicide and to respond to suicidal crisis. The program forms a key part of the WA Government’s ‘Suicide Prevention 2020’ Strategy, which aims to address the fact that nearly one suicide occurs each day in WA, a rate higher than the national average. Delivering over 70 training programs and 46 Local Prevention Activities, the team is further establishing Neami as a valuable partner, utilising a complex systems theory approach.

With funding from the Western Australia Primary Health Alliance, we have seen some terrific outcomes in our Integrated System of Care program. Working together with Hope Community Support, Apollo Health (by St John) and the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA), the program provides treatment and support for people with alcohol and other drugs or mental health issues in the Perth North Primary Health Network area. With over 300 people supported through the Wanneroo Psychotherapy pilot alone, we are helping vulnerable people who are otherwise failing to access services, receive rapid priority support.

After some difficult years with the introduction, and inconstancy, of NDIS funding, we are finding our way and defining a space for service delivery in Western Australia. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Me Well, we are refining our approach to ensure we can continue to deliver high quality, safe and evidence-informed support to NDIS participants.

In Western Australia we continue to be positive, confident and know that by working with those who share our values we can maintain our trajectory for growth and, ultimately, more support for people in Western Australia who experience mental illness.

'Working with other collaborative-minded organisations is increasingly the way to best address many client requirements. Success depends on partnerships, and ones that are both outcome and relationship-focused.'
James Butterworth
WA State Manager, Community Housing Limited
New South Wales
We have taken risks, drawn on our creativity and remained optimistic to pivot and grow.