Staying true to our values

Despite the significant changes across the sector, we remain committed to delivering services and experiences that reflect our values.

Valuing diversity and inclusion

This year we celebrated the launch of our Diversity and Inclusion Framework. As a national service provider, we believe we have a responsibility to develop strategies, projects and policies that move beyond ‘treating everyone the same’. The framework guides us to consider the unique circumstances of oppression, marginalisation and discrimination that can impact the access of marginalised people and communities to services.

We understand that achieving safe, accessible and culturally responsive service environments and workplaces takes a whole-of-organisation approach. One that celebrates, values and includes people of all backgrounds, identities, cultures and experiences. This approach aligns with our vision of full citizenship for all people living with mental illness.

We were proud to support marriage equality and endorse a ‘Yes’ vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. We wanted to send a strong message that we respect every person equally and believe that marriage, as a public institution, should be open to everyone.

As a national mental health provider, we recognised the impact the debate had, particularly on LGBTIQ staff, consumers, their family, friends and carers. We’re delighted that Australia voted ‘Yes’ and sent a strong message that all Australians are equal and valued.

Staff Engagement Survey

The adaptability and shared values of our staff and their deep commitment to improving the lives of consumers was reflected in the positive results of our annual Staff Engagement Survey.

Although the overall participation rate dropped from the previous year, we were particularly pleased with the results of the survey, given the many challenges and uncertainties facing our workforce. We will continue to invest in highly skilled staff that share the organisation’s values.

64% of staff participated in our annual survey of staff attitudes to culture and workplace value
87%are proud to work for Neami
86% agreed that Neami allows them to make a positive difference
85% recommend Neami as a great place to work
A group discussion at Nundah House.

Build capacity through quality training

We see our role in building the capacity of the community to respond to people’s mental health needs as vital to our vision and mission.

Neami’s Learning and Development team and our training business, the Centre for Recovery Orientated Practice (CROP) actively support workforce development through quality training.

By investing in high-quality training, we ensure that our staff receive the support required to equip them to work with confidence and excellence.

CROP continued to make a strong contribution to the evolution of the Optimal Health Program, which has been the gateway to both clinical partnering and building closer ties with local universities. We are committed to bridging the divide between clinical and non-clinical services and CROP continues to help us achieve this.

CROP also contributed to our commitment to consumer and carer capacity building, through the delivery of consumer and carer training. We will deepen our commitment to consumer and carer capacity building by delivering peer health coaching training in the coming year.

To build capacity in the broader community, we are partnering with PukaUp, a new social enterprise, to place mental health literacy front and centre across corporate entities and the AFL. We will continue to seek new opportunities in the corporate sector, to deliver training around mental health literacy and wellbeing coaching.

CROP worked with 68 agencies in the 2017-2018 period, predominantly in the dual diagnosis and wellbeing coaching arenas.
We supported high-quality, ethical research and evaluation that translates knowledge into improved services and better outcomes for consumers.

Our research leads us to understand what supports recovery.