Providing space to get well and reconnect

Complex needs require a multitude of perspectives, supported by open and robust relationships.

When people are becoming unwell, leaving hospital, or making the transition to a stable home, having the time and space to connect with their communities is critical to a successful transition.

We work with clinical and specialist teams to ensure people have access to the right support when they are taking a break to get well.

Tailored residential support and rehabilitation

Nundah House is a short-term, residential service operating in Brisbane. The service plays an effective role in helping people avoid hospitalisation, supporting rehabilitation, and facilitating transition to the community following acute care.

Run in partnership with the Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Nundah House provides an option for people who are becoming unwell or are still recovering from an acute illness.

Blending clinical and recovery-focused community support, Metro North Hospital and Health Service provides clinical leadership, assessment and triage, combined with Neami’s recovery-based approach and commitment to quality, safety, and clinical governance.

The service functions as a ‘step up’ from the community into a supportive residential environment as people become unwell, or a ‘step down’ from a hospital setting to support a return to the community.

Nundah House offers a balance of individual support provided by a multi-disciplinary team, including staff with a lived experience of mental illness, coupled with a comprehensive and structured group program. We know from our evaluations of our step up step down services that this model of support can result in significant reductions in hospitalisation and levels of distress.

‘Recovery for me means taking each day as it comesand focusing on the positives. And knowing that you’re going to be okay.’


‘I was in hospital earlier in the year. My case manager from the clinical mental health service suggested Nundah House. I chatted to two people from Nundah House and they said it’d be alright if I stayed. I ended up staying for four weeks.

‘Nundah Housewas really modern and beautiful. There were all these different people there. The staff workers were really nice and just easy-going and not pretentious. At night time we’d all get together and help cook. It was a bit overwhelming at times but not in a bad way it was just sort of a shock to the system. The people were nice.

‘I’m with Neami Partners in Recovery now. My current support worker is really lovely. If you’ve got an issue with something or if something’s not working out they can help you work out the situation.

‘I was really unwell before I was with Neami, a lot of things happened. But they were very helpful and genuine people. My support worker helps me work through things. Just living life. You know, you’re not always positive even when you are well. But you know you’re going to be ok.’

Kelly has been a resident at Nundah House and is supported by Neami though Partners in Recovery.

Flexible, specialist support and accommodation

Towards Home provides intensive, flexible and specialist support and accommodation for people with histories of recurring and persistent homelessness.

The program uses a trauma-informed and collaborative approach to provide a safety net for vulnerable individuals, helping them to get back on their feet and access permanent housing. The 12-month residency provides access to responsive, individually targeted, wrap-around support.

As a partnership between Neami National and Launch Housing, supported by the Victorian Government, Towards Home uses a tailored, strengths-based approach to help residents gain and maintain independent living skills.

The productive partnership is key in providing people with stable, secure accommodation, and allowing them the space and time they need to improve wellbeing, social connectedness, and their mental and physical health.

‘Our shared passion and commitment to permanently ending the homelessness of marginal rough sleepers has been a fantastic fit.’
Andrew D’Arcy
General Manager - Getting Housing
Launch Housing