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We acknowledge Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities as the Traditional Custodians of the land we work on and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise that their sovereignty was never ceded and the impact of structural inequality that resulted from invasion continues to this day.

Neami is committed to cultivating inclusive environments for staff, consumers and carers. We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities. We believe our commitment to diversity and inclusion makes our teams, services and organisation stronger and more effective.

We keep working together to make a positive impact.


In this, our 31st Annual Report, we invite you to learn about how we are responding to the ongoing disruption in our sector.

We are encouraged to see that the patterns emerging about what works in our new services are reflective of our direction. We are encouraged by what we see, and feel enthusiastic about what the future of mental health and wellbeing support can be.

By maintaining our focus on consumer experience, evidence-informed practice, and a commitment to safety and quality, we can continue to support more people to live independently in their communities and pursue meaningful lives.

‘It’s important that I keep this momentum going. I know that I will go further.’
Our services are more diverse and support people right across the spectrum of need.

Providing services that meet community needs

From service design through to implementation, our new services focus on flexibility and consumer experience to support more people, with a greater range of needs. Working with clinical, primary health, and community services, we offer faster access, continuity of care, and a greater consumer experience to support changing needs.

We increased our capacity to support more people, with shorter interventions, on the ‘emerging’ and ‘mild’ end of the stepped care model.
Our new services range from providing early intervention of the generally well population, through to providing high levels of support for people with complex needs.
Level of support intensity

Services and Treatment for Enduring and Persistent Mental Illness (STEPMI)

Support for people with enduring and persistent serious mental illness, including clinical care coordination.

Nundah House

Short-term, residential service to avoid hospitalisation or support transition following hospitalisation.

Street to Home

A housing-first approach to supporting people sleeping rough to find and maintain sustainable housing.

Supported Transition and Engagement Program (STEP)

Long-term housing and wrap around support for people sleeping rough.


Connect to Wellbeing

Streamlined, person-centered intake, assessment, triage and referral service.



After-care support for people following a suicide attempt or a suicidal crisis.


Towards Home

Intensive, flexible support and accommodation for people with histories of recurring and persistent homelessness.


Steps to Wellbeing

Low-intensity coaching support to manage stress, anxiety and improve wellbeing.

‘My coach came up with strategies for thinking about things differently. That was extremely helpful. Straight away I felt comfortable.’
We work with others to complement our strengths and fill in the gaps.

Working together to make a positive impact

Our expertise in mental health, in coaching and in connecting people to support helps us to provide value for the broader community. This year we worked with funders and service providers across sectors to help us achieve our mission.

From co-designing services to advocating for a better system, our partners helped to deliver the right service to make a positive impact.
Growing its services, the Links to Wellbeing consortium drew on the strengths of each organisation to provide counselling and support services in Adelaide.
Collective impact
As part of the Adelaide Zero Project, we are working with 35 organisations across different sectors to achieve Functional Zero street homelessness in the inner city.
Design thinking
Community Housing Limited and Neami developed a vision to provide holistic and integrated case management for veterans in WA, identifying problems and creating a range of solutions.
Strengths-based collaboration
With Bridge Housing, Women’s Housing Company Limited, and Metro Housing, we established the Supported Transition and Engagement Program for people sleeping rough to secure long-term housing and access wrap-around support to remain housed.
Clinical partnerships
In partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred and Prince of Wales Hospital, SPconnect provides comprehensive after-care support for people following a suicide attempt or a suicidal crisis.
To create Connect to Wellbeing we worked with Northern Queensland PHN to develop a single point of entry to mental health services across the Stepped Care Model in northern Queensland.
‘I’m looking at strengthening myself in areas where I can step forward.’
Understanding each person’s needs and goals provided better experiences and better outcomes.

Improving the consumer experience

We take the time to speak with the people who use our services, their carers, family, and other support systems. Having these conversations makes it easier to deliver the right support at the right time.

By listening, learning, and testing, we continued to improve the consumer experience.
Our services are tailored to meet people’s needs and goals.

Understanding experience

The ‘Welcoming In’ project developed practices that respond to the needs of people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.



YFlex tailors our service model to the needs of young people and scales in intensity as needs change. We adapt to meet young people where they are on their recovery journey.


Care coordination

Consumers work collaboratively with their STEPMI worker and other supports to develop a treatment plan identifing their recovery goals and the supports to help achieve them.



Steps to Wellbeing coaches work in the way that most suits the consumer including face-to-face support, after hours sessions and video conferencing.


Targeted tools

Through a co-design process we developed a Youth Health Prompt. With consumers aged 25 years and younger, we adapted our successful physical health tool to be more relevant to their needs.


As a result of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) we have strongly advocated around three main areas of concern.

We continue to push for a working NDIS.
Complex needs require a multitude of perspectives, supported by open and robust relationships.

We see the value of providing spaces to get well and reconnect.
Kelly out at a local park
We have taken the opportunity to deliver innovative services across the stepped care model.

Our new services connect people with the right support.
We worked with over 900 people in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to make housing a real option for those experiencing homelessness.

Together we are working to end homelessness.
We supported high-quality, ethical research and evaluation that translates knowledge into improved services and better outcomes for consumers.

Our research leads us to understand what supports recovery.
Despite the significant changes across the sector, we remain committed to delivering services and experiences that reflect our values.

See how we are staying true to our values.
Sharon, Claire and Cassandra talk about their experiences of supporting the community to prevent and better respond to suicide.

Hear how our NSW suicide prevention team see their work.
New South Wales
We have taken risks, drawn on our creativity and remained optimistic to pivot and grow.
We are excited by opportunities to demonstrate our strengths and to provide high-quality services.
South Australia

We are adding value through rich partnerships and our specialist mental health knowledge.

Our expertise and values will enable us to regrow following a significant reduction in funding.
Western Australia

Working with those who share our values, we navigate complexity and strengthen our local communities.
Neami is a values-based, not-for-profit organisation providing services to improve mental health and wellbeing in local communities.

Neami Group snapshot

Our vision

Full citizenship for all people living with a mental illness in Australian society.

Our mission

Improving mental health and wellbeing in local communities.

Our values

Self-determination, growth, partnerships, respect, empowerment, diversity, choice, learning, change, wellbeing, hope and quality.


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Thank you to the consumers, staff, partner organisations and others who have contributed to this report.

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